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Hillbank Farm – Local Farm Fresh Products – Make Us Part of YOUR 100 Mile Diet

Local food tastes better. Here’s why:

Hillbank Farm  sells direct to local customers. We are able to give priority to quality and freshness because we don’t have to worry about shipping delays or choosing produce engineered to withstand the rigors of commercial packing.

Our foods are full of goodness and raised with care – we believe a healthy, clean farm environment and quality organic nutrients allow our heritage and non- heritage crops to become sustainable, delicious choices for optimum nutrition and flavour. The animals raised on our farm have access to the outdoors as weather permits – fresh air, ethical care and high quality feed, free from pesticides and hormones, ensures not only a good life for each animal, but a meat product that will exceed your expections.

Our farm products are available in season, the way mother nature intended. Hillbank lives to a standard of self sufficiency – we understand that a true mixed farm becomes a small ecosystem within itself. We do not use pesticides, choosing instead to enrich the land with a back to the soil policy, encouraging symbiotic relationships that benefit the earth. Bees for pollination provide honey, fruits that drop to the land compost naturally and lands that are allowed time to replenish encourage biodiversity.




There is an elegance in sustainability. The community and farm work together to create a transparent exchange. You can see how we farm. We are not a faceless producer from half a world away. Hillbank Farm is your best choice for nutritious and healthy produce and products.

” … advocates of local eating are now making another leap, saying what happens after harvest–how food is shipped and handled–is perhaps even more important than how it was grown.”
~ Time Magazine